To Kill A Mockingbird Tom Robinson Trial Analysis

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I know that all of you have been waiting to hear about what 's been going on! Here in Maycomb we have a huge trial taking place! Before we get into it, let me tell you all how the editorial staff of the Maycomb Tribune feel about the trial. This trial is unnecessary and an innocent person 's life and reputation is now being put on the line. Maycomb is a town of lies, is that really what we want to be known as? There were pretty significant moments in this novel about the trial. People that took part in the trial had different testimonies such as Heck Tate, Bob Ewell, Mayella Ewell, and Tom Robinson. Heck testifies that after being contacted by Bob Ewell, he visits the Ewell house to find a beaten Mayella on the floor. He said that he found the right side of her face badly beaten with bruises around her neck. Bob claimed that he heard Mayella screamin from within the Ewell house, and when he came inside, he saw Tom run away…show more content…
In my opinion, the Tom Robinson trial was a complete waste of time, and is very biased. Mayella Ewell saw that Tom was different from her, and saw an opportunity. Although Maycomb citizens frowned upon the Ewell family, Mayella knew that the people in her town would go against Tom due to his race. In the trial, Toy 's lawyer, Atticus, calmly questions his witnesses, then cross-examines. He shows the courtroom that Mayella 's father, Bob, is a known aggressive alcoholic. Bob also happens to be left-hand dominant, which is the hand that his daughter was hit with. Also, Tom 's arm is broken, how could he have possibly overpowered Mayella if she was fighting back like she claimed? Then, Mr. Gilmer questions his witness and cross-examines. He didn 't do so as calmly as Atticus, in fact, he questioned Tom in his cross-examination very rudely. On the other hand, he questioned his witness, Mayella, gently and spared her feelings. This trial was never about justice, it 's about race. It was just a distraction, Tom was a dead man since the

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