To Kill A Mockingbird Vs Melting Pot

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There are many differences in books. However, some stories seem to have things in common with other books. This can be a good thing for readers of course, since many readers look for stories that feed their interests. I on the other hand, like to mix it up from time to time. Similarities or not books have great stories to tell.
To Kill a Mockingbird is a great well-known book. Behind the metaphors you can really see what the authors point is. Melting Pot is another interesting book. Culture is a big deal in this story with plenty of movement. Both stories share similarities and differences.
To Kill a Mockingbird is focused on racial conflict as well as Melting Pot. Both stories have characters who disagree just because of their race. For example, in TKAMB Tom Robinson (an African man) is convicted of raping a white girl even though everyone knows he is
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Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird is from a small town called Maycomb. She is the third generation who has grown up in Maycomb. The whole setting in this book revolves in this town. Melting Pot’s main character Anna Quilden also moved into a town in New York City. In the story she explains “I am the young professional-either an interloper or a longtime resident, depending on your concept of time”. Both these characters engage in several experiences in their hometown.
As well as similarities there are many differences in both stories. Scout was a seven year old girl. Anna was an older lady with children. Another difference is the fact that Scout was well liked for the most part, compared to Anna, where she explains how she would be watched by others in her town. Lastly ,Scout along with her brother ended up in a life threatening dilemma where as in Melting Pot Anna’s hardest problem is the fact that her neighbor bumps his/her hard metal music at 3am on the daily basis. As we see there is a variety of differences in these two
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