To Kill A Mockingbird Walking In Someone Else's Shoes Quotes

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ELA 10 Allein Bautista I am writing this essay about a book called “To Kill A Mockingbird”. In this essay, I am going to describe the times when Atticus, Jem, or Scout, walked in someone else 's shoes. Standing in someone else’s shoes is one of the things Atticus, said to Scout, meaning you never really understand a person until you consider things from his or her point of view and until you climb into its skin and walk around in it. Furthermore what role the advice plays in sympathy and compassion and how it would change their view of the situation or someone. Jem, and Scout, from the beginning didn’t stand in Boo Radley’s shoes as they believed the townsfolk rumor and gossip about the Radley’s place. In fact they even made a game called “Boo Radley” they try to reenact the Radley rumors like Boo, stab his own father by using the scissor as he was cutting some papers up. On the other hand when they finally tried standing on Boo Radley’s shoes they felt bad because he was locked inside the house for 15 years. The two children tried to get to know Boo, and were starting to think that he wasn 't that bad of a person after all, because when they asked Miss…show more content…
He shows it a lot in the book for example when his children believed in the Radley’s, gossip he told them about that advice. Additionally on Tom Robinson, the black man that no one wanted to defend in court, Atticus, wanted to defend him because if he doesn’t he would lose respect for himself, and because of the way he thinks of others, he doesn’t judge others just because of their race. I think this advice he passed on to his children would help the children in their life, as they would show compassion to others and try to get to know them before
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