To Kill A Mockingbird Walter Cunningham Quotes Analysis

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In the book To Kill A Mockingbird made by Harper Lee , many different people are discriminated against, for their color or gender like Tom Robison and even Scout.. But one character is discriminated against very early in the book, Walter Cunningham, who was discriminated by class. To start with, Walter Cunningham is from a family of farmers. This means he is a class below the citizens of Maycomb. But this also means that he(and all other farmers) got hit hard by the depression and are very poor.We first see the importance of this difference when Scout goes to school on her first day. In chapter 2 the students of Miss Caroline's class are told to go home for lunch or show Miss Caroline they have food. Walter being too poor to buy lunch says…show more content…
Aunt Alexandra is stubborn and says Scout cannot invite or spend time with Walter because quote on quote “he is trash”. The scene ends with Jem explaining how the class system works in Maycomb, the whites(The Finches), the farmers(The Cunninghams) in the woods, the trash(the Ewells) who live in the dumps, and the african americans(First Purchase Church), and each class looks down upon the one below it. This scene in the book shows that regardless of how nice,kind,loyal, and respectful the cunninghams are they aren't treated equally just because of their class. In conclusion, Walter is a character in To Kill a Mockingbird who is discriminated against. He is discriminated by teachers like Miss Caroline, by his friends like Scout, and even adults like Aunt Alexandra just because of his class. But walter isn't the only one that is treated unjustly. People like Dolphus Raymond who is treated wrong because of his life choices of marrying a black. Or Scout who is expected of acting lady-like. The takeaway point here is that this book is a revolt, one against discrimination and classism and unjust social
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