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To Live: Eating Bitter “One must eat bitter in order to taste sweet.” This saying is well known in the Chinese culture. They believe in order to appreciate the good things in life, one must have to go through tough moments. In the book To Live Yu Hua expresses this concept through Fugui’s point of view of how he went from having everything and appreciating nothing, to having nothing and appreciating everything. Fugui learned some lessons the hard way, but he became wiser once he learned that not everything is served on a silver platter. The book starts off as how Fugui is living the good life, without any worries. He has a home to go to every night, a bed, food, a healthy family and he has a family fortune. At that point in…show more content…
Personally there are times where the small moments aren’t cherished enough like a simple hug from someone close or a I love you as an act of demonstrating love for the family. Growing up I was always the troublemaker of the family. My brother was always seen as the perfect example and I was always compared to him. I grew up to rebellious against my family and their ways. I always went against their rules because of how unfair they were. I grew up with strict parents. They always let my brother go outside and play because he was a boy, yet I had to stay inside and do chores. I would always sneak out through the back because I wanted to play also. As I got older things got worst, I hated having the midnight curfew while my friends had to be home by two in the morning. The time went by I started making bad decisions and it got to the point where my grandparents didn 't want to deal with me anymore and so they passed me to my mother, which is where i 'm currently living now. Living with my mom has made things so much better. I still go and visit my grandparents and spend the night over with them. I truly cherish the time I spend with them now. I get excited when I tell my mom that i 'm going to see them because i miss the warmth of my grandma. Now that im grown i realize that I made so many mistakes and one of them was to go against them because all they were trying to do was to teach me right from wrong. I didn 't listen and I learned things the hard way. Now that I don’t live with my grandparents, things have actually gotten better. I have a tighter bond with them and I appreciate every moment we spend
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