Case Study: To Lose Unwanted Pounds

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To Lose Unwanted Pounds:

Fruit Group:

Many individuals fail to consume enough foods or the types of foods containing the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the body which bolster immunity and fight against invading agents which in turn, can cause or contribute to illness and disease.

Be sure to consume about two cups per day and ensure that you have a nice assortment of colors and textures. The Vitamin C rich fruits will assist in decreasing these risks significantly. Including fruits that are rich sources of Vitamin C will assist in boosting your immunity which is often compromised amid the caloric-restricted phase.


So let's purchase a couple of mangoes, too. Once we are ready to prepare our meal, we will cut the pineapple in half.

Next, we
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So well with the fruits we are using for this recipe. Let's add a couple of spoons of light or dark brown sugar to the fruit mixture; now let's stir gently to incorporate the flavors.

It's time to transfer it to the hulled shell. There will be a nice mound shape to the dish - and another perk is that there will be no pot-scrubbing involved!

Let's dig in and we'll also enjoy a few other food favorites with our meal including dinner roll, a simple side salad and a container of low fat yogurt for dessert - or we can use it as a dressing for our fruit salad.

Grain Group:

Six ounce equivalents: It's time for whole grain goodness in the form of cereals, oats, wheat bread, rye and yes - even whole grain pasta.

Whole Grains: Vegetable Group: Two and one-half cups of orange, yellow, red, purple, white and leafy dark green vegetables.

We have all colors of the rainbow to choose from; this is just one thing that makes the Vegetable Group so much fun!

Having so many choices opens up so many tasty paths for those seeking to shed the fat and step onto the

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