To Lucasta On Going To War Poem Analysis

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Compare and contrast essay

The two sets of poems share the same topic which is living through war, but they have different tones, diction, settings and symbols. Poetry set one views war as a way of gaining honor while set two claims that it’s a waste of lives and all these opposing ideas are due to the different timeline. Tone and diction are one of the most important elements in poetry, because tone is the general character or attitude of a place in a piece of writing, while diction is the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing. They can be simply differentiated in general terms as the way or style of speech of a person and the different pitches expressed due to the different emotions being experienced by him/her during speaking which I will go further in detail by the end of this essay.

Each poem in poetry set one and poetry set two has a different setting to express the main idea of the poem. In poetry set one, the setting of “To Lucasta, on Going to Wars” takes place at a home front, the poem does seem rooted in a specific historical setting while the second poem, “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” took place in the Battle of Balaclava which occurred during the Crimean War. This was essentially a battle between Britain with its allies and Russia for control over the territory occupied by the crumbling Ottoman Empire. During this battle, the British commanders ordered a disastrous charge by the Light Brigade, which caused many casualties,
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