To Pimp A Butterfly Analysis

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From the dark ghetto of Compton, LA to a constant spotlight in the mainstream media. We sat down with one of the most authentic rappers of our time to discuss why the Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar’s, “To pimp a butterfly” has been dubbed as the album that saved Hip-hop and how shows such as the X Factor have changed the raw original underground sound and meaning of Hip-hop into a softer more commercial sound. Born out of the Bronx, New York, Hip-hop with its rhythmic music accompanies by rap has since its origin in the 1970’s swiftly taken its place as the most listened to genera in the urban community. However with this swift rise as a prominent music genre came the commercialized sound which many of the new artists nowadays has. Though many have speculated that the drop of To pimp a butterfly, is a start of hip-hop’s the long road back to its original sound. When I mention to Kendrick Lamar that his album has been dubbed as “The album Hip-hop…show more content…
“To me if feel that the X Factor ruins not just hip-hop but most music genres. Not only do kids like Astro find instant success, but they rap about sh*t which they aren’t apart of. Then the sh*t that they do rap about isn’t what hip-hop is built for. Y’all gotta understand that hip-hop was a way for us to express the discrimination and the reality of the hell we live in. But when you glamorize gang war and don’t pick up the issues but instead only talk about parties and hoes, we lose that form of

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