To The Little Polish Boy Standing With His Arms Up By Elie Wiesel

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During the Holocaust in 1933 survivor Elie Wiesel says" When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is an jeopardy national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant" (Wiesel18). Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party were responsible for the Holocaust and millions of deaths of the Eastern Europe and Germany. The Nazis believed that the Jews were responsible for economic struggle known as The Depression. I think the Holocaust was a horrible thing that happened and it was wrong for innocent people to have suffered for no reason just because Hitler wanted them vanished. One key lesson in the book Night is, faith can be changed throughout difficult times. Wiesel 's experience in Auschwitz was a horrible experience that he went through "Never…show more content…
In the poem by Peter Fischl he is talking about how he regretted not speaking up for the little boy and felt bad because no one else spoke up for the little polish boy and he wants to make the boy memorable, " I would make a monument of you and the world who said nothing ' ' (Fischl 8-9). In detail for Fischl he wants us to remember this little boy and he is making one feel emotional for the boy because no one spoke up for him. Fischl is realizing that he needs to do whatever he can do to have this little polish boy be remembered for being taken away. In Night by Elie Wiesel he states his whole experience in Auschwitz and he makes a huge impact on the reader. "All I had to do was wait two weeks"(Wiesel 81). For Wiesel he also makes one have an emotional impact because he tells us his story and everything was a horrible experience and he doesn’t want anyone to go through this again. Wiesel makes us feel what he felt in Auschwitz and what was going on, giving us details about his experience. All in all "To The Little Polish Boy Standing with His Arms Up" and Night by Elie Wiesel are trying to get readers to have an emotional…show more content…
"To The Little Polish Boy Standing with His Arms Up" by Peter Fischl and Night by Elie Wiesel are different because they are written from different point of view. In the poem little polish boy by Fischl he says "I /am / sorry / that/ it was you / and / not me" (Fischl4). In detail Fischl was looking at a picture and wishing he was there present so he could have done something. Fischl is the one thinking what he would do and is not there in present experiencing it in real life. In contrast Night by Elie Wiesel is from Wiesel 's own experience he went through being captured taken to a concentration camp and suffering. Wiesel states "My father was crying. It was the first I saw him cry" (Wiesel19).Night is from the victims point of view and the little polish boy is from a third point of view. For Wiesel he was the victim from the Holocaust and actually went through
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