To What Extent Did Napoleon Betray The Values Of The French Revolution

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Sarah Hussey Ms. Bell Social Studies 9B March 12, 2018 First Draft “They wanted me to be another George Washington” – Napoleon. This was a quote was said by Napoleon Bonaparte, himself. Napoleon intentionally conceded to the fact that he had betrayed the goals of the French Revolution. The values of the French Revolution were Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Liberty of the people, in other words, the freedom of the people was extremely important to the French Revolution. The belief in equality was desired during the French Revolution, they wanted all citizens to be equal to one another. The belief in Fraternity was also very appreciated during the French Revolution, meaning they wanted peace between neighboring countries rather than war or battle. Napoleon Bonaparte ultimately…show more content…
Napoleon Bonaparte greatest work was the creation of the Napoleonic Code. The Napoleonic Code gave revelation the country a uniform set of laws and eliminated many injustices. However, because the Napoleonic Code promoted order and authority over individual rights, it limited freedom of speech and the press. These rights were all important components that were established during the French Revolution. Not only did the Napoleonic Code take away many rights from the citizens, this code also restored slavery in the French Colonies in the Caribbean. This shows Napoleon didn’t believe in the freedom of an individual person, and how Napoleon wants to be in control and have all the power. Napoleon Bonaparte went against the goal of Liberty in the French Revolution by reviving slavery, taking away the freedom of the people, and promoting order and authority over individual rights striving to acquire full control which lead to his citizens thinking of rights that they believe they deserve and how equality was strongly

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