To What Extent Did Rose Lee Survive In The Novel 'White Lilacs'

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It’s 1921, segregation is at its peak. Could you survive? In my novel “White Lilacs” Rose Lee had to face many challenges. She survived by learning to contain her emotions and remain respectful. I could survive in my novel because I am brave, I have self control, and I have courage like Rose Lee. First, I am brave, so I could survive in my novel. Rose Lee showed she was braved by coaxing herself into spreading the news about Freedom town getting tore down and about the petition . A time when I showed I was brave brave was when I moved to Texas and I tried out for softball. Another time Rose Lee was brave was when she was walking on the other side of town with her friend. I was brave when I drove myself to work for the first time. Also when Rose took Cora’s place in serving at the Bell’s house for the first time she was scared because she did not know what she was doing, but she tried anyways. I was brave…show more content…
With me having courage like Rose Lee I could also survive. Rose showed she had courage when she talked to the lady from up north about her painting and taking painting lesson, even though she was not supposed to. During segregation days the whites and black weren’t suppose to associate, so Rose was taking a risk by doing so. A time I showed I had courage was when I went to state for a social studies project and I had to talk in front of all the judges, even though I was nervous. Another time rose lee showed her courage was when she decided to inform everyone of the news about people from freedom town having to move away, though she knew that she could get in a great deal of trouble for over hearing the news and spreading it around. I also showed that I had courage when I was on the dance teams and I had to perform in front of the whole school. Having courage helped Rose Lee overlook the consequences of her actions, because she felt what she was doing was
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