To What Extent Does Adolf Hitler's Use Of Propaganda

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Hitler proposes several strategies and techniques of propaganda. Strategies he believes to be effective are socialist-Marxist as well as Christian-social. Socialist-Marxist propaganda is effective because it was not something the bourgeois class had seen before. Hitler discusses several propaganda techniques he sees as effective. One is to not focus on the scholarly individuals but instead focus on the less educated masses. A reason for this is because of the scholarly desire scientific instruction while the less educated desire something that will grab their attention. Hitler equates this with an art exhibition poster, it must grab the observer’s attention and provide just the right amount of information. However, the poster should not be…show more content…
While discussing the Aryan people he argues they are superior in culture. Examples given are a comparison of North America and South America. North America 's population is largely of German descent and very little of colored population or descent while South Americas is not. Latin Americans mixed with aborigines, he explains. North America and South American have a very different humanity and culture with North American being superior to South America because race did not mix on a large scale. The culture we see today is almost always a product of Aryan creativity and innovation as they are the founders of a higher culture. Hitler observes history and determines that it may be impossible to know exactly where and when humanity and culture began. Mankind is categorized into three groups of cultures: founders, bearers, and destroyers. A minor demonstration of the influence of Social Darwinism is when he writes about animals particularly about their mating. He discusses how animals belong to distinct species and that a member of one species will not mate with a member of another
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