Who Is Responsible For Macbeth's Downfall

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To what extent does Shakespeare present Macbeth as the reason behind Macbeth’s downfall?
It is clear that Macbeth is responsible for his own actions which ultimately led to his downfall; mentally and in society. His mild intentions strongly encouraged by Lady Macbeth led to inevitable consequences which one may find difficult to bare and forget. His wife, Lady Macbeth was a courageous, fearless woman willing to do what necessary to fulfill her burning ambition, even if it means manipulating ones close to do what she desires. It is definitely debatable that Macbeth’s actions were greatly influenced by Lady Macbeth’s persuasive and belittling words which made Macbeth feel as though he had to prove himself to the love of his life; his weakness.
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Macbeth simply gets deceived by her forceful words. She is dominant over her husband and effortlessly persuades Macbeth to go forward with decisive plan. Her dominance and control can be conveyed by “hie thee hither that I may pour my spirits in thine ear”, here she is calling for Macbeth to hurry home so she can pour her poison in his ears so he follows her orders with his eyes closed. The phrase “pour my spirits” is linked with poison; to contaminate his mind with her heinous objective. The word “pour” reinforces this idea of poison as she intends it as a liquid which take over his mind and slowly ‘kill’ anything which would keep Macbeth from executing the plan his wife has conjured. Moreover, his wife is clearly telling him exactly what to do: time, place, who, what, how. This is so she can take control and she does fully take control eventually. Lady Macbeth tells him how to look and how to control his expressions to not come forward as suspicious of the deed. “Look like the innocent flower, but the serpent under’t”. She is subtly commanding, to appeal as a noble host but be the criminal behind the mask. This is how she manipulates her husband and ultimately takes

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