To What Extent Is Julius Caesar A Tragic Hero

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A character in the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare that I considered to be a tragic hero is Julius Caesar, I say he is a tragic hero because he faced downfalls, had flaws that lead to his downfall, and after he died many people felt guilt and pity against him, and he was looked up to by many people. Another reason why I say that Julius Caesar was a tragic hero is because he had flaws that lead to his downfall some of those flaws were being cocky, thinking he was untouchable, and not listening to the warnings that several people gave him about the ides of march. Since Julius Caesar did not listen to the warnings he was told about the ides of march he ended up getting murdered by the conspirators at the capitol. Another reason why I say that Julius Caesar was a tragic hero is because before or after he died I’m pretty sure he had a little guilt because he had to realize that he was warned several times and still chose to ignore the warnings that his wife gave him, the soothsayer gave him, and Artemidorus gave him, and he probably thought that if he would have just listened his death could of have been prevented and he could have still been alive, and…show more content…
Also he was feared by Brutus cause after Julius Caesar died the ghost of Caesar came to haunt him which cause terror and fear in Brutus and that also lead to tragic events later on in the play of Julius Caesar. In conclusion I say that Julius Caesar was a tragic hero because he contained all the qualities of a tragic hero, and in some people’s eyes he was a tragic hero and the way he died was very tragic and sad to many people and just by his death war starts, many people die, and it’s just very bad, and all of that was caused by a death of a tragic hero Julius
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