To What Extent Was The Us Justified In World War One Dbq Essay

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The United States was not neutral in World war one. Although the US did not join the war until 1917; when the war started in 1914, and they labelled themselves as neutral they subconsciously did things and made request that ultimately helped the Allied powers which were Great Britain, France, Russia, and Italy. A few examples of the actions that they took were the censoring of wireless news which only affected Germany because England still used cables, the searching for and arrest of Germans or austrians on American ships due to them being “neutral”. Another thing the United States did was the allowing of countraband on their ships as long as it was not signed to the government, which helped England but gave little t no help to Austria and …show more content…

If this attempt is unsuccessful, we propose an alliance with Mexico.” this information is found in document H. the reason the US would have to join the war for this is because they felt personally attacked by the germans saying to mexico that is the united states decided to join the war and no longer be neutral that they would attack the areas closest to them distracting the military which in turn Mexico would regain all of the land they lost in the spanish American war. To show that the United States would not be disrespected, they joined the war after a threat was introduced. Earlier in the beginning of the war before the Us became an Allied power President Woodrow Wilson wrote a letter to the congressmen saying that being neutral was the best option due to America being a “place drawn from many nations, and chiefly from the nations now at war “. He also realized that if we went to war and had to choose a side to defend it would cause the United states to fall apart due to the citizens having different opinions on the war, and what should be done; this information was found on the document

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