To What Extent Were Loyalists

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In contrasts, loyalists did not even expected of what kind of conditions they would face soon in the hands of the King. Because of their loyalty to the king, some were dismayed and some were just contented of what they had gone through. Some of these loyalists were force to be servant in the King’s territory as part of their loyalty to him. They felt the life of the African-Americans slavery during those times. Most of these loyalists could not go to different states in America because of what they are withholding with the king of Britain. They were migrated mostly to Canada because the King of Britain owned it during those American revolutionary war. They also faced the harsh feelings of being doubt by the Americans. They soon felt that they are losing the on well- being a person stepping on the lands of Americans because of being loyal to the king. They may not great decision in life, but they still managed to live their own life as a citizen who could not put disloyal to the King that once promised about their freedom and peaceful life in the new nation.…show more content…
They have shown on how charismatic they are when it comes on the road of their life here in the Newfoundland. They have enough sincerity and trust for those people that have promised to their new life. They may not have found a great success in their life, but they still have shown on how to see which nation and leader were good be called great provider of their needs. I believe that these loyalists have showed great deeds on the Americans, but not in supportive way that is why Americans hated the way they served the Britain’s king instead supporting the country that they had
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