Toa Te Ching Sermon On The Mount Analysis

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The Toa Te Ching and the Sermon on the Mount Analysis It is well-known that there are a lot of religions around the world; however, people generally fail to notice how similar some can be to one another. It is interesting that different religious groups are set apart from each other because how they perceive the purpose of life on earth, yet some suggest similar conclusions about humans and share many moral and ethnic teachings. The Toa Te Ching and the Sermon on the Mount are texts that differ in many ways, but are also similar in their ethical guidance. These two both teach the concrete idea to live simply by avoiding the temptation to overly value earthly things. The teachings in both the Toa Te Ching and the Sermon on the Mount exist as result of our sinful nature, and it is suggested in both texts that this nature is the cause for strife among human beings. But the reason for why we should follow these moral teachings put in place differs between the two. The Toa Te Ching tells us to adopt these instructions because it is necessary in order to follow the Tao, but is unclear about an afterlife. On the other hand, the Sermon on the Mount, in the book of Matthew in the Bible, says that obedience is required to follow Jesus and to have an eternity in heaven. The moral instruction to live simple lives is present in both the Toa Te…show more content…
We can take away some important concepts from this analysis. Although only one religion can be the true reality, various religions worldwide exist. In order for one to make an argument for their set of beliefs, he/she must have the understanding that although the heart of the religion may be entirely different, they may very well share multiple teaching regarding moral and ethnic
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