Toath Speech: The Happiest Person In The World

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Toast Speech Introduction I am the happiest person in the world today and being here at this dinner to celebrate the presidency of my friend Matteo is the biggest honor I can think of. I am glad that the guests are particularly numerous tonight and that Matteo didn’t forget anyone during his climb that led him to become president of the Italian Republic. With this speech I would like to pay tribute to a great man who made possible the impossible in my life and will make the possible impossible for the Country. Main Point One Matteo is a man full of positive energy, big dreams and plans. Ever since I first met him in junior high school, he is the best person I 've encountered, and if I could, I would have voted him twice. He is the perfect friend, a true friend on whom I can always count on. For the first three years of high school we were inseparable like bread and Nutella, animating who was around us with our happiness and our desire to stay together. With him at my side I never had any problem, my life was perfect and I used to embrace it with a big and contagious smile. We have always been classmates, companions during our studies and in life, motivating one another with a pinch of competition that we knew would lead us to achieve great goals. After five hours of school shoulder to shoulder we always ate in a hurry and he used to ran towards my house with the backpack on his shoulders, ready to spend a consistent part of the afternoon doing homework. We were a perfect

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