Tobacco Advertising Should Be Banned Case Study

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that the controversy regarding the ban is just a smokescreen as the tobacco industry would have been notified about the law months before it came under public scrutiny. My position on what governments across the world should do in regards to tobacco advertising is that some form of tobacco advertising should be permitted like corporate sponsorships while others should be illegal like TV and magaCase Analysis: Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India The plan by India's government to ban tobacco advertising generated a lot of heated discussions for and against the move, this paper will summarize the arguments for and against the plan.
The Ayes' Advocates for the ban argued that the ban wasn’t unusual as it was following precedents that
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The cigarette companies asserted that their adverts were only targeted at people who were already smokers and thus not targeted at non-smokers, a survey which was conducted by the Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) was used to defend their position that tobacco adverts did not persuade people to take up smoking. The survey results showed that 49% of the people surveyed admitted that they started smoking to see what it was like, 24% said their friends smoke and crucially for critics of the ban, none of the people surveyed said advertisements persuaded them to smoke. It was also noted that some supporters of the ban claimed that the government was spending substantial amounts on offering healthcare to more of its citizens as a consequence of illnesses attributed to smoking, opponents of the ban in reply to this contended that as was the case in developing nations like India, overall spending on healthcare, insurance and pension systems were so insignificant that the claim that India's government was expending a lot of its resources on healthcare was
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