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Tobacco originates in America more than 3000 years ago, it is a product made from the dried leaves of common tobacco or nicotiana, this plant is native to central America. It belongs to the botanical family “Solanaceae” the same as the potato.
Different varieties of leaf tobacco are distinguished according to their drying mode:
● Brown Tobacco (air-dried and fire dried)
● Blond Tobacco (dried in hot air)
● Light Tobacco American taste (air-dried or sun dried)
1492: Arrival of Christopher Columbus in Cuba So very popular with the Incas and
Aztecs to communicate with spirits, achieve a kind of intoxication, soothe pain and fatigue, the pétun (indigenous name for tobacco) was smoked especially when festivals and religious ceremonies. Christopher
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However, despite its detractors, tobacco found with the industrialization and the creation of the cigarette in 1843, a new breath.
This new form of consumption marked the beginning of the global expansion of tobacco.
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Tabagism is the act of consuming tobacco. The term "tabagism" is a medical term for chronic intoxication due to tobacco abuse. Smoking has been a fashion for many, many years.
But this fashion, unlike clothing, carries significant health risks. Tobacco is nowadays liked to drug addiction, Over the last seventy years, this product has experienced an unparalleled disgrace for consumer product. At the end of WWII, the use of tobacco, more than tolerated was indeed banalized even valued: woman and man smoked everywhere and in all circumstances, public and private places were involved by swirls of smoke. From 1950 to the present days, tobacco changes meanings, sliding progressively on the side of the unhealthy to appear as a suspicious, dangerous consumption, now banished from almost every public places. Tobacco became a drug after medicine proved the dangerous associated with its consumption when, finally, people changed their strong social and symbolic
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