How Did Tobacco Affect Colonial America

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The tobacco plant was introduced to the colonists by the Native Americans. The concept of smoking a plant was unusual for the colonists until they first tried it. It became a popular and important commodity when the colonists realized trading tobacco was lucrative. Their attitude towards tobacco turned from joyful and curious to greedy and avaricious since it was bankable, benefiting both the North American and English economies. The landowners took advantage of the indentured servants, slaves and farmers. Government officials were corrupt since they imposed illegal tolls on tobacco and pirates from all nations took to violence by pirating English vessels that had tobacco goods. The tobacco trade turned the colonists into exploitative, corrupt and even violent people. Tobacco changed the colonists into exploitative people since they overworked the indentured servants in the tobacco fields to increase the tobacco production. Colonists discovered the recreational and …show more content…

Legal tolls were placed on vessels carrying tobacco goods as a form of tax, but some officials like Captain Crofts placed illegal tolls on vessels to make extra money. “It was the force of government that enabled the royal treasury to collect a legal toll and officers like Captain Crofts an illegal toll on tobacco trade” (Morgan 204). The corrupt royal navy officers and Virginians serving in colonial government exploited their authority and found ways to make easy money from the tobacco trade. The corrupt officials imposed illegal taxes, which not only affected plant owners but also the farmers and other lower class citizens involved in the tobacco trade. This shows that people during the colonial times were greedy and exploiting each other for money that came from the tobacco market. Tobacco trade changed people into sinister and greedy people as they were taking advantage of the poor and lower social

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