Tobacco Smoking: The Controversy Of Banning Cigarettes

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For several decades, smoking remains one of the most common and most unhealthy of human habits. Smoking, specifically in public, had generally been regarded as a personal choice that bystanders had little control over. Even now, smoking is still one of the lead killers in North America and its effects are still harming innocent people. After all the people who have succumbed to the effects of tobacco smoking, when do we learn to stop? I believe we can solve this issue with a ban for smoking cigarettes. Why should cigarettes be banned? The topic of banning cigarettes is well known. Smoking has been shown to be dangerous to health, and has been linked to several diseases such as bronchitis and lung cancer. Unfortunately, those who do choose to smoke are not only affecting themselves, but around everyone around them. This is known as second hand smoke, or Environment Tobacco Smoke (ETS for short). Anyone who is exposed to ETS is at increasing risk for developing health problems because of it. Since 1964, almost 2,500,000 nonsmokers have died due to health problems from ETS, and that number gradually rising by the…show more content…
In 2012, tobacco companies spent $9.6 billion marketing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco alone4. This amount translates into $26 million a day! Nearly 264 billion cigarette cartridges were sold during that time. The money being placed into the advertising of cigarettes is far greater then the amount going into producing them as well. None of the money they make go to the poor individuals that are affected by heart diseases or second hand smoke. If a ban were to be placed, the money we could save from medical expenses and cigarette sales would be enough to feed a family in need. Which is far greater than any regular

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