Tobacco Vs Marijuana Research Paper

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Tobacco and marijuana are among the most commonly used substances. The effects of using them can be very harmful, and sometimes deadly. There are also many similarities and differences between the two. Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and death in the U.S (Tobacco…). Tobacco contains an addictive drug called nicotine, which is absorbed through the bloodstream. It is so hard for a user to quit using tobacco because they’ve developed an addiction to the substance. A user will experience withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit which may include irritability, cravings and increased appetite. This may discourage them from quitting; however quitting has immediate benefits such as an increased life expectancy,…show more content…
However, it has been legalized for medical purposes. Marijuana consists of dried leaves from the plant Cannabis Sativa, which contains the chemical THC. These chemicals have been increasing. A process called dabbing allows users to feel stronger doses. Therefore the higher the THC levels, the greater risk for addiction (Marijuana…) Marijuana is popular among younger people. It’s smoked through pipes/joints or can be mixed in with food. Using this illegal substance can have many harmful effects on a person. For example it can affect brain development among teenagers, and cause memory loss or learning functions. Using marijuana may also affect a person’s mood causing depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. Physical health risks include breathing problems and an increased heart rate. There have been no medications available to treat a marijuana addiction, however a study suggest that only 1 in 11 users become…show more content…
For example both can be smoked, to get the addictive chemical of either nicotine or THC. Women who use either of the substances during pregnancy are likely to have a child with problems. These problems may include behavioral, attention, learning and memory difficulties. The health risks among the two are also similar. Both can cause breathing problems and an increased chance of a heart attack. The brain is directly affected, which results in the addiction. Some withdrawal symptoms which include cravings, anxiety and grouchiness are

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