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Introduction The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is a national protective organization with over seven thousand officers . The Police Service operates as an arm of the Criminal Justice System. The officers are distributed among varying ranks and Special Reserve Police. The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is divided into various branches, units and squads which include; "Community Police, Police Complaints, Special Branch, Guard and Emergency Branch, Criminal Investigation Division and Criminal Records Office, Organized Crime and Narcotics Unit, Homicide, Fraud Squad, Court and Process, Police Band, Mounted and Canine Branch, Police Training College, E-999, Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch, Transport and Telecom". The Trinidad and Tobago…show more content…
This did not allow for Trinidadians to join the Police Force, as only the English, Irish and persons from other parts of the Caribbean were allowed to oversee the population. These persons had military training and background. This reinforced the concept of control and the police force was out of the citizens' authority and that foreigners knew what was best for the country of Trinidad and Tobago (Mastrofski and Lum 2008). The military background, held by the officers of the Royal Irish Constabulary, practiced coercion and spying rather than problem solving skills (Mastrofski and Lum 2008). From the colonial period to modern day, the role of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has not changed much, as it includes; maintaining law and order, preserving peace, protecting life and property, preventing and detecting crime, apprehending…show more content…
The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has issues with punishing bad behaviour and rewarding good behaviour (Mastrofski and Lum 2008). . If an individual can commit and act and not be reprimanded for it, they are likely to commit that act again. Punishment diminishes an undesired behaviour (Gross 2010). This issue leads to a breakdown in reinforcement of acceptable behaviour and stems from the Trinidadian culture itself, founded in the context of primarily acknowledging bad behaviour especially in the Police Service and punishing the whole rather than the sum of its parts (Mastrofski and Lum

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