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Tobirama glazed over at his son for a few second to see the enjoyment, then his eyes averted back to you. “Couldn’t sleep?” You nodded, rubbing your stomach. “WHEEEEEE!” [S/N] yelled. From your peripheral vision, you saw your son dangerously swinging that sword around. “Be CAREFUL---!” Before you could even attempt to save him, it was too late. [S/N] hits his head with the wooden sword. Dropping the sword onto the floor, he ran to you holding his painful spot. “OWWWW!” he cried. Because you couldn’t do anything with the tummy in the way, you just simply comfort and rubbed his head gently. “You have to be more careful, [S/N]!” you said as you tried not to let out a giggle. “Okay…” he responds quietly. After rubbing it and…show more content…
[S/N] could not express his training as he kept asking his dad what will he learn and do. Tobirama answered in a pretty simple way for him to understand. You held in your giggles as you realized that the way Tobirama teaches students will be boring and old-fashion, until you get older and stronger then he will makes things more interesting. Though, [S/N] doesn’t realize that, so to keep still motivated, you had to lie to him. He will figure out…show more content…
“This is what happens when you have a family.” pushing the seat to the table. “LET’S GO MOMMY!” [S/N]’s little hand tugging your nightgown. “Wait just a second, mommy needs to clean and get ready.” grabbing the empty glasses from the table. “DON’T TAKE TOO LONG! I’ll wait outside.” [s/n] running to the front door and opening in. You smiled yet again, as you thought your son resemble so much like you when you were younger. Excited about everything not realizing what things will come, getting these cute nightmares and crying to mommy and daddy. You expected him to be a genius or a person like your husband but not like you. “We’ll be in at the training ground 112. I’ll see you there.” Tobirama said. “Okay.” You huffed and puffed as this belly of yours was troublesome. You couldn’t wait for this little monster inside of you to pop out. You had enough carrying this weight, receiving achiness all over your body. You declare to yourself that you weren’t going to carry anymore babies if this was terrible. The struggle was too real. “Alright. Time to change into normal clothes and get

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