Today's Exhausted Superkids Analysis

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Frank Bruni’s “Today’s Exhausted Superkids” is his own response to the book “Overloaded and Underprepared.” Bruni discusses the part of the book that got to him the most was a part about sleep. Bruni talks about the fact that in today’s society, kids are “so hyped up and stressed out that they’re only getting a fraction of the rest they need.” Afterwards, Bruni mentions that when he was a teenager, kids did have problems with sleep, they were getting too much of it. Often sleeping through their classes. He then mentions multiple studies that all show kids are not getting a healthy amount of sleep. Bruni ends his response saying that kids need a place they can breathe so they can tumble gently into sleep. I agree with Frank Bruni, he is absolutely correct when he says kids do not receive nearly as much sleep as they should, and he argues his point very well throughout his text. Bruni does a great job in writing his text; his main idea is clear and it is presented in an organized manner. He does have excellent evidence to support his idea, including studies from scientists affiliated with great universities. Frank does seem to know about how kids in this generation act, they tend not to sleep enough because they are worried about a test or other countless school activities. Additionally, the main idea of Frank Bruni’s “Today’s Exhausted Superkids”…show more content…
All of today's “super kids” want to be overachievers; however, in doing so, they are hindering their health by getting inadequate amounts of sleep. The way I interpret Bruni’s text is that he is trying to bring poor sleep habits into the light. One thing he could have done to improve his text was to offer a solution. Bruni mentions all of the problems in the sleep patterns of kids, but he does not offer a way to fix it. His solution could be as simple as “go to bed sooner” to “push school days back a few
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