Todd Brrasser The Wave Analysis

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When reading this book The Wave, by Todd Strasser, you are expected to have some basic knowledge about World War two and how Nazis killed the Jews, Hitler. Without any knowledge of World War two then you would not understand the main idea of the experiment, which was to show the senior history class what it’s was like being a Nazi and getting an understanding of why and how they influenced and brain washed all those people into doing such cruel and inhuman act of killing over 11 million jews.

The character of Todd Strasser intuitively understood this need in teenagers, and the rapid spread of The Wave was due in great part to their vulnerability to the most attractive aspects of Fascism and Nazism: belonging to a group that is special in
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Laurie is the editor of the school paper. Laurie does grow and change. Her confidence, opinions and a strong sense of self enlargement over the course of the novel. Popularity isn 't exactly a problem for Laurie. She seems to accept it as part of the natural course of things. Her success seems navigated by a personal desire to succeed, not by a desire to be better than others but to challenge herself. Yeah, she 's pretty cool. But others don 't necessarily see it that way. It sometimes bothered Laurie that underlying their friendship was a constant competition for boys, grades, popularity, almost everything you could compete for. Even though they were best friends, that constant competition limited them from being really close. While the issue of popularity sometimes bothers Laurie, it seems to be a constant an issue for the other kids at school. In fact, one of the main reasons that kids join The Wave is to eliminate all the competition. Laurie 's boyfriend David and her friend Amy accuse her of being responsible for much of the competitiveness at school. Laurie doesn 't really address the issue in the book, but she might have to after The Wave. At the top of the school success ladder socially, academically, and extra curricular Laurie has some power to make things better for the other students. Since she 's creative, driven and concerned with doing the right thing, thinks Laurie will be able to do
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