Todd Gerald Woodlan

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Have you ever witnessed racial discrimination first hand in your school? In the story “Woodlan” by Todd Geralds, the author portrays racial discrimination that occurred in the late 60’s to the early 70’s while they attempted integration in the southern schools. Throughout the 1960’s-1970, there was plenty of racial derision and harassment that went on as school’s attempted integration. This happened to be a common conflict throughout the story, but ultimately leads up to the plot. Woodlawn had attempted integration several times throughout the 60’s but was never successful because of many murders and lynchings. They had attempted to integrate the school one last time in 1972 when 12 African Americans were admitted into the school. They were harassed and beaten terribly until they were on the verge of quitting when one black student rose up and said “Don’t lose faith, Don’t lose hope, and never give…show more content…
Mr. Gerald’s set up his yearly tryouts for the football team but this year he included African Americans. The day of the tryouts not one African American went. Coach Gerald 's had come up with a plan to give the football players supper before practice because most African American’s didn 't get food after school. The next day 6 African American’s had joined the football team once they saw that the coach was caring for them. All of the white players were absolutely irate about the situation until a man named Hank came into the school and talked to the team about God. “ A man named Hank spoke to the team and converted over 40 of our players to give their life to Jesus.” The players both, black and white had all formed as a unity. The team had started spreading the word of God to many other students in the school to help create peace and to turn the congregation into one. This act had given Woodlawn the solution to
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