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Ever Since Todd Marinovich was a little baby, his father began training him to be a great football player. Even the baby food consisted of liver and protein! His father pushed him out of his carriage early so that he would stand early and develop strong legs. Didn’t let the baby in carriage. He had to learn how to walk early. From the beginning, Todd missed being a “normal” or typical baby. Todd Marinovich mother and father studied all the theories (even from Russia) on how to make a man the perfect athlete. He had two children. The father was obsessed with raising his son to be the perfect athlete. He even Made Todd Marinovich bounce a ball while he was learning math. Todd said he liked to spend time with his dad. But his dad was raising him like a machine. So growing up (so far)…show more content…
He got high all the time he got the naked name of “Marijunavich” the pressure of the divorce and the loss of his comfort at the school ( moving to a new school” was tremendous. Again, he was missing a normal life he was the standing to become the quarterback. He knew this. But again, he has no choice, he has no sense of power. Everyone expected to him to be a certain way. He was missing the freedom we all have: the freedom to choose he was a star on the field. He was exceptional among the players. He even made it to the Rose Bowl! The Rose Bowl is the ultimate accomplishment and he won! However, he had been raised in such a strict structure that when he did get some freedom to hang out with friends and party, he had no control! And once he went to college, his dad wasn’t around he even did cocaine. He lived two lives: football and party sadly his rebellion and the coach’s disagreements with him led to public changing from cheering for him to actually booing him. People didn’t like him anymore because he was so famous but famous like robot! He didn’t want to be Todd anymore. He had no privacy! Most of can retreat from the public but he never

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