Todd Musig: A Character Analysis

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Getting to It: Accomplishing the Important, Handling the Urgent, and Removing the Unnecessary by Jones Loflin and Todd Musig is about discovering what is important to you and how to achieve that. Those two main goals are broken up by smaller, but well needed steps. Each step of the way requires reflecting upon it to make sure you are following through with your original intention. The steps included defining what it important to you, which they called it your IT (important thing), planning, and doing it. The first step is done by knowing what IT is. You have an ideal IT that aligns with what you want to accomplish, your morals, and passions. Such examples can be to get excellent grades in school, to grow as a person, or to have a life…show more content…
I tend to put all my time and energy into my academics that I forget to really take care of myself. In the long run, the time I did not spend taking care of myself will wreak havoc. It is far off easier to incorporate a daily exercise, healthy foods, and spending time with loved ones. “Doing things you enjoy builds positive-feedback routines and helps you maintain your energy level” (Loflin and Musig). I am now trying to do more things that make me happy to gain balance. Lastly, I learned about negative filters. Negative filters are damaging attitudes or people that prevent me from achieving my goal. I hadn’t put much thought into it before I read the book. I have trouble identifying what is detrimental to me. Sometimes it can be my judgement about myself or people in my life. My thoughts can waste my time, since I will think of ways to fix something I did until I am content. My thoughts can also put things off. Another factor can be people. Some people waste my time by not cooperating, distracting me, and by not contributing. I don’t necessarily have to remove them completely from my life, but I should avoid them in some situations. For example, I can pick different partners for projects, when possible. I learned that I should be active and try to achieve a goal than let my negative filter stop
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