Todd Rexroth: A Short Story

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Listen, this isn’t just some little story I’m presenting for a grade, it’s a warning. This is to alert you and others of what ill fates await them if they’re not careful. Pray you’re not one so easily put to ease, because these devils strike when you’re most vulnerable. The story I’m about to present is one where I, Todd Rexroth, was another of its victims. Luckily, I survived and am here to pass on this tale. You may sit there and snicker, but know that you’ll be the first to go when they come. For fear the day when they attack. When those...those damned eggs a(egg)ttack. Before the attack, it was a normal Saturday morning I woke up around 8 (early for me) and put some Saturday morning cartoons on the family T.V. to start the day. After viewing…show more content…
I played video games, yelled at my sisters, played some more video games, helped my mom out with chores, played some more video games, argued with sisters, and, surprisingly, played some more video games. After all of that, my stomach started to rumble so I decided to go get something to eat from the fridge. Arriving at the fridge, I remembered there was some spare hard boiled eggs left over from earlier in the fridge, so I decided to eat that. Now, this was when the attacked happened. I foolishly decided to microwave eggs to warm ‘em up. The microwave dinged, I grabbed the items within, and proceeded to the living room. On the way there I grabbed an egg, put it in my mouth, and the bit into th-POP! In a state of disarray, my mind lagged on what could have possibly happen to make that noise. While in that state, my family came in to find out what that sound was and where it came from. Once they saw me they cackled and howled as tears flew down their face, similar to that of a soaked hyena laughing at the lion who wasn’t as lucky from escaping the river. Now realizing what caused that noise coupled with the sharp pain in my mouth, I too laughed at my predicament, then I pondered, and finally, I knew. That egg..was after…show more content…
Wake up sheeple because you’re in for an egg-splosive, shell shocking news! The eggs are comin’ for you, your family, your friends, your mailman, and your pet dog Toto too. They won’t stop till we are nothing but corpses gripping at the shells that used to be our homes. Don’t you dare crack up, that’s egg-sactly what they want in a situation as dire as this. Understand that we’ll be destroyed if we can’t hatch a way to stop these demons. Only together, can we crack these fiends’ plans and bring safety back to the world. It will be an egg-sausting fight, but this is the only way to assure not shell out our society. Join the cause, that’s all
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