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Toddler Development I. Questioning a cool breeze that whips across the face. Which inherits the mind to think, causing it to start its beginning of learning. Natural curiosity is guaranteed in the human mind; it defends our culture. But why do toddlers, think and question everything? Well, becoming new to this world toddler want to soak up everything and as much as possible. That is why in this phase, toddlers are called “little sponges”. But once this is profound, they grow into “little investigators”. On this journey, children tend to learn about emotions and psychology, then can enhance their emotions and characteristics. When toddlers hit age two they understand and observe certain behaviors. This stage is known as “terrible twos” because…show more content…
Every toddler has their own pace, character, and control of emotions. Some parents may say that toddler development is the best stage in a child’s growth, while others may say it is the worst. A. As any human being, the feeling of love is a necessity. Emotional needs are as important to the need for food and water. 1. If a child’s parents are arranging a divorce, most children will blame it on themselves and result to have an “acting out” behavior. It is most important to ensure the child that they have a sense of belonging and is reminded that they are loved B. A main associate to having emotional tendencies, is from the contraction of the thyroid. 1. The thyroid represents emotions and emotional sears that can be visible throughout the body. The state of the thyroid affects the toddler’s state of being. a. With a contracted thyroid, toddlers are typically stressed or are going through an emotional pain. This pain can be the death of a family member. b. Most times when a toddler’s thyroid is tightened they tend to be quieter and more contained, because their voice is “hidden” or…show more content…
However, to fully inherit the full task or action, a consistent repetition of the task must be performed by the toddler. III. “Well before infants begin to say words, they produce a variety of increasingly complex and speech like vocalizations.”, stated Californian Scientist, David Ertmer. As well said, some children have already received auditory and vocal assistance and effects. Therefore, toddlers with hearing loss, delay in vocal development. A. Since it is a necessity to include all human senses to learn, if one is absent it penetrates the rest. For example, if a problem occurs with auditory processing it causes the child’s learning hard to recall in which letters correspond to particular sounds. 1. As always auditory learning depends on the child and their capabilities. B. Musical learning can help a large variety of children. The most penetrated learning experience in today’s preschools and daycares, are musically. 1. Providing and teaching obedience, vocabulary growth, rhythm, and more through just playing an instrument or simply beating a drum. a. It has been proven that hearing music has 50% more brain usage than running. b. As well as this, if a toddler watches a conductor and or plays an instrument, it provides 80% more brain usage than

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