Chapter 4: Presentation, Analysis, And Interplantation Of

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Chapter 4
PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS, AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA This chapter showed the data gathered by the researchers with the corresponding analysis and interpretation data. The presentation follows the sequence of the objectives of the study.
Objective1.To culture bacteria from the toilet bowl. Gram (-) bacteria
The cultured bacteria were obtained from the toilet bowl using the culture media; swabbing in the toilet was done and placed in a Fluid Thioglycollate Medium incubated for 24hrs at 37°C, after 24hrs the inoculums were inoculated in a Nutrient Agar for culturing bacteria incubated for 24hrs at 37°C, using MacFarland solution the cultured bacteria from the Nutrient agar were sub-cultured and inoculated to a Mueller Hinton Agar for
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In the 1st trial, it showed a zone of inhibition of 13mm, 2nd trial showed a zone of inhibition of 12mm and 3rd trial showed 18mm. This implicates that the garlic extract showed a zone of inhibition in the three different trials that are a positive result for its antimicrobial activity, and its effectivity against the cultured bacteria that were present in the toilet bowl.
The three trials showed three different results because of the factor that each plate of Petri dish produced a different amount of bacteria present. The plate of the second trial showed numerous amounts of bacteria that are thicker than the plates of the first trial and the third trial. This implicates that the pure garlic extract showed antimicrobial activity and the result differs from the bacteria present.
Objective3. Determine the antimicrobial activity of garlic extract using different concentrations.
Table3. Zone of inhibition of formulated garlic extract
Key: (-) no zone of inhibition, (mm) millimeter
Concentration Zone of inhibition (mm) Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial
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The significant analysis connotes that the results of the experimental study of the formulated antimicrobial spray preparation using garlic extract which gives a positive result, showed a zone of inhibition against the cultured microbes but not that effective compared to the positive control which showed a more wider zone of inhibition compared to the three different concentrations

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