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Caught and those yelling mixed raw milk, the stone wall production fruit sherbet, recipes are about 40 types in all. Mainly on season, you can choose from among 12 types lined up in the showcase. This store is very known as sunset spot, sky and deep blue sea world view.
Tojinbaka is a grave with hidden sad history that enshrined the spirits of Chinese who made a violent death at Bowne No. incident. The Bowne No. incident, Chinese people who caused the riot could withstand the abuse in the No. merchant ship Bowne heading to the United States from China, has been left behind in Ishigaki Island. Because he killed a captain in the 19th century, by dispatched British troops murder, or refers to the prisoners to have been the case. Tojinbaka is a
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This is the recommended souvenior for Ishigaki Island.
Tavern of there three-wire live near Ishigaki city hall. It always crowded with very popular with tourists. While tasting Okinawa cuisine using fresh produce from the beginning in the Yaeyama the Ishigaki Island, you can enjoy the island song live for free. Ishigaki beef teppanyaki and fresh island fish sashimi, bitter gourd chanpuru such as the classic cuisine of Okinawa will be able to taste of course up to the original creative cuisine.
Sea cafe in Ishigaki Maezato. From airy store, anyone can enjoy while overlooking the sea and the sky. Summer after playing in the sea, also possible to use the outside terrace seat remains swimsuit. And the island vegetable dishes that were taught to us Obaa of the island, is very popular original menu that mixes Hawaiian cuisine. Lunch time can be up to 3 o'clock, all you can drink mix juice of Pine products tea and Shikuwasa and island vegetables, such as tropical drinks in the drink bar. To provide from the night 21 o'clock "fat bread cake of tofu", a popular dish in the women frankly healthy. Birthday parties and on the road, get to ride in consultation wedding party. When it comes to February, from the second floor of the seat it is also possible to see the Southern
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Ishigaki is often seen is geology of limestone coral, etc., could do the deposition, there are many limestone caves. Limestone, because soluble in water than the usual rock, erosion can be a cavity inside violently.
Ishigaki public market near some Hengin cafeteria is very popular in the cafeteria from tourists to locals. Popular reason is food selection of individual cafeteria! Use a safe material and only healthy can, thoroughness that it does not use any scientific seasoning in all of the dishes! Simple healthy menu that takes advantage of seasonal ingredients are popular regardless of many young and old.
Samurai house was built Ryukyu Kingdom in 1816. Ishigaki Island in the Ryukyu Kingdom era stone wall magi, Ohama Magi, was divided into three administrative districts of the Magi Miyara. It is a mansion that Miyara Magi of the head positions of the (chief eating) was built. To imitate the mansion of the Ryukyu nobility is said to have been built. Wang Office era, housing should not not comply with regulations by the class, and the skilled jobs of Yaeyama is is illegal are holding a luxurious mansion in this way, it was ordered to demolish five times from Shuri government It was, but not follow, made me changed to thatched in 1874 (NaoYasushi 27) directed by the silk thread. When the domain system was abolished after the Meiji Restoration, it was returned to the roof of red tile such

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