Summary Of Tokyo Ghoul: Void

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Tokyo Ghoul: Void is a dark fantasy Japanese novel written by Shin Towada and Sui Ishida. It was released in japan on June 9,2014. On 17th January 2017, it was translated by viz media and released in US. This novel was released to fill the gap between episode 8 and 9 of the original show named Tokyo Ghoul. It details events that are taking place in the show in detail. This novel is about Ghouls. Ghouls are humans who suffer from lycanthropy. They can’t eat anything but human flesh. If a ghoul doesn’t eat for thirty days, it dies. However, there is no known person that survived a ghoul’s attack.
At the binging, we are introduced to our main character Kaneki Ken along with his best friend Hideyoshi. They are two high school students relaxing
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He was the only ghoul with one black eye (kakugans). Other ghouls have two kakugans. Their eyes are normal most of the time, but when a ghoul uses its special abilities, the eyes transform. As he can’t properly control his kakugans, he wears a medical patch to cover it up.
He tries to refuse the ghoulish life but is forced to. He and Hied are attacked by a ghoul named Nishio. Hide’s life is in danger and Kaneki is forced to use his ghoul ability.
Kaneki is taken in by Yoshimura. Yoshimura is the manager of the café. He is tall and powerful man. He explains that the café is feeding ground in fact a haven for the ghouls of 20th ward (name of a group of ghouls). As Kaneki had to hide the fact that he is a ghoul from Hide, Yoshimura gave him a mask. He told Kaneki that most of the ghouls wear the mask when they had to kill and eat someone to hide their identity.
Kaneki is approached by a wealthy ghoul Tsukiyama on the campus. Tsukiyama didn’t knew that Kaneki was also a ghoul. He tells Kaneki that he is a 4th year student and asks him for the dinner which Kaneki
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He tricked him into entering an underground arena. This was the arena where only way to win was to kill the opponent. Kaneki was once again forced to use his ability.
After learning that Kaneki is a ghoul, Tsuki saves Kaneki by interfering. He decides to devour Kaneki later, on his own.
Later on, Kaneki starts hearing rumors that there may be another one-eyed ghoul just like him. He also learns that the beam that saved Kaneki from being eaten by Rize was intentionally by someone from the roof top. He also discovers that the Rizi wasn’t dead. She was fused with Kaneki. A part of him was ghoul, a part of him was human.
It’s day number 29 since Kaneki last tasted human flesh. Last time Kaneki had eaten human flesh was when it was shoved into his mouth by Touka. Kaneki wanted to end his life. He wanted to starve himself to death. He went to his room and locks it. Then he throws the key out of the window. He did not hear the metallic sound of key hitting the floor because the room which he was staying in was on 20th floor. He sits on the chair and starts reading final chapter of the book as he anxiously waits for 12
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