Toleration In Pluralist Societies

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In this essay I will be discussing the concept of toleration and its importance for pluralist societies. The concept of toleration is difficult to understand because when you tolerate someone or something you do not necessarily agree with it, you just do not act out in violence because of it. Tolerance shows that individuals acknowledge that other individuals have the right to believe in what they want to even though it may not be what others also believe in. This acknowledgment is important in a pluralist society because in order for a pluralist society to exist and function well, the society must practice the act of tolerance. In a pluralistic society, there are a diverse group of religious cultures and traditions. These diverse cultures…show more content…
This kind of society differentiates from a totalitarian society due to the fact that in a totalitarian society, diverse cultures would not be accepted. Totalitarianism allows the dictator complete power over the people, meaning the society has no freedom when it comes to religion or speech. If the US was not a pluralist society and was instead a totalitarian society, then the many different religions and cultures that make up and formed the US would all be gone and the US would not be the rich diverse culture it is today. Tolerance is very important in a pluralistic society in order for there to be peace, communication and understanding, but there comes a point when intolerance is acceptable. In the US, there has been a few cases where intolerance has been acceptable for the sake the country. Other than the few cases where intolerance is needed, for the most part tolerance plays a huge role in pluralistic…show more content…
Pluralism can be defined as a setting in which the population is made up of different religions, races or social classes and they all have their different practices and beliefs. With that definition, you can define a pluralist society as a society that consists of a diverse group of religious cultures and traditions. These types of societies exists all over the world. In order for them to exists they need to practice two elements, one being more important than the other, these elements are diversity and tolerance. The component diversity is the less essential of the two, but it is what makes that society a pluralistic one. It contains different cultures who all have different religious beliefs and practices. That is where the second and more crucial element of tolerance is needed. Since the society is made up of a diverse group, each person in the different groups need to tolerate each others beliefs and practices. Though the different groups may not believe in the same things, they have to be willing to allow and understand that each group of religious people have their own beliefs. Tolerance is very important in a pluralist society because if there is no tolerance between the various cultures then there would be violence between the cultures. When there is no tolerance,

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