Tom Brady Deflategate Analysis

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Tom Brady Takes on Deflategate For the past several months, Tom Brady has been the highlight of sports news. The event I am referring to happened last year in the football playoffs and is still causing controversy today. This event happened in the playoff game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, where the Patriots won with a score of 45 to 7. According to many people, controversy arose the night after the game over the footballs the Patriots used. Many people believe the footballs were slightly deflated during the first quarter of the game. This idea hit the media like wildfire and quickly became known as “deflategate.” Deflategate opened the eyes to many people watching, showed how the NFL goes through investigation over an issue, and showed that every action will have a consequence. After the night of the big game, the idea of deflategate had many people confused and puzzled. The NFL association and Tom Brady were humored at first of the idea of adjusting the amount of air in a football (Boston Globe News). Brady said that he went about his normal pregame warm-up and…show more content…
First they decide to fine the team 25,000 dollars (NY Post). In my opinion there is probably more to the story but we will only ever know what the press gives us. The league also decides that they want to suspend Brady for the first four games of the season. This does not set well with Brady and he immediately decides to take the commissioner of football to court over his suspensions. Brady argues that they have no evidence linking him directly to messing with the air pressure of the footballs. The only thing they are going off of is the suspicion he created by destroying his phone. The NFL and Brady have been trying to come to an agreement over multiple court hearings and have been far from agreeing on anything. If they do not come to an agreement by week 1 the judge will make the ultimate
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