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Breaking over 9 Quarter Back records, and potentially various more in the future, people either hate or love New England Patriot Quarter Back, Tom Brady. Generally speaking, there is no between. The real question is: "to hate or not to hate" this record-breaking beast, with 4 Super Bowl rings on his hand. Simple; not to hate. With scandals such as "Deflate Gate," and "Spy Gate,"Tom Brady has been accused of cheating several times. However, even with these unproven accusations, he would have obtained multiple achievements regardless. The alleged scandals, would also not take away from his abundance of honorable characteristics. Let 's get down to the facts. Tom Brady is an NFL dominating Quarter Back, with a completion percentage of 63.5. He also has a passing rate of 96.4, one of the best ever. Lastly, he has 57,396 passing yards, averaging 258.5 per game, being among the top 5 in history. …show more content…

Brady is one of the most charitable players in the league. Hosting many events, and donating to various charities, Tom Brady has a huge heart, along with a huge will-power. Which brings me to his next admirable quality. Tom Brady has great perseverance, and will to achieve. Overcoming many adversities, he is used to never quitting until he wins. Which not only shows in his personal life, but also on the field. In effect of him possessing these beneficial traits, Brady has received more achievements than the average person. With 6 AFC Championships wins, he is tied with Joe Montana for most Super Bowl appearances. Of those 6 appearances, he won 4, three of which, were in his first 5 seasons. Tom Brady also broke Joe Montana 's record of 400 touchdown passes. Another memorable achievement, is the two AFC MVP awards that he won. With these, and many more, it 's safe to say that Tom Brady has more achievements under his belt, than humanly

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