Tom Brady As A Role Model

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Humanities Capstone: Tom Brady
People should always have someone they look up to. Most people look up to celebrities or their parents. Having a role model can be good for many people. They can help you through many times in your life. I look up to Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback. Tom Brady is known as one of the best Quarterbacks of all times. When he was a kid, he looked up to Joe Montana, the San Francisco 49ers Quarterback. Brady has three sisters. His whole family are sports fanatics, just like mine. When he was a kid, he was a great jump roper. We also both started playing football at a very young age. Me and Brady both, are huge football fans, too. Ever since I was a football fan, I dreamed of going into the NFL. Tom Brady and I are alike because we both want to go the NFL when we grow up. My family influences me to follow my dreams and never give up. It was the same for Brady. We have families that cares about us and would give anything to see us succeed. Brady’s and his siblings were very competitive at everything. They often fought over the remote like my brother and I. Everything's a competition for our family. …show more content…

His winning streak began in high school when he was a Senior. He had college and pro scouts coming out to look at him. He decided to go to University of Michigan. This is when his career took off and he won twenty of the twenty-five games that he started. After his college career, Tom Brady went on to join the New England Patriots and has won five super bowl rings. Tom Brady is a great role model because he does a lot of charity work and he is a great quarterback. He supports a charity called Best Buddies International. This organization helps enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I believe that having a role model like Tom Brady will help me become a better person, work extremely hard, never give up and give to my community as he

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