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Tom Brady is the greatest football player to ever play the game. This might sound like an opinion, but there are so many facts following from here that it’s basically a true statement that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. If you don’t know what G.O.A.T means, well it means that he is just the Greatest Of All Time. It takes a lot to say he is because there are so many other incredible players that have played the sport of football, but none of them are at Tom Brady’s level. He might not be the most jacked guy, but he doesn’t need to be, he is a true leader and mentally a great athlete. It takes a lot of work to have the smarts and throw a football knowing you could be knocked out by a 300-pound grown man coming full speed at you. Either way, he still gets the perfect spiral right into the hands of a receiver. These are the words of Patriots defensive lineman teammate Chris Long "He's the king of the petting zoo. There are other GOATs and other farm animals, but he's like the biggest GOAT." It’s not like every player gets to win 5 Super Bowls. Tom Brady is on my team, the New England Patriots so it might look like I’m biased toward them, but I’m telling you now, if I were cheering for any other team, I would still think that Tom Brady is the greatest player ever. There are…show more content…
Tom Brady went to Michigan to play football and he was not the best. He got drafted by the New England Patriots with the 199th pick of the 6th round in the 2000 NFL Draft. Tom Brady is easily the best with that late of a pick. After that, Brady has had no season with a win percentage below 50%. Tom Brady has dominated in the NFL ever since he has been drafted. When you look at Tom Brady’s career stats, you won’t see any season that really pops out. This is because every season was a monster season. Well, not in 2008 because he was injured, but other than that, he is a very elite

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