Tom Brady: The Greatest Player In NFL History

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Tom Brady played for Michigan in college where he had the role of the quarterback. He entered the draft combined in 2000, and was the 199 pick in the second round. Initially he served as a backup quarterback and played in only one game during his first season, but the 2001 season was a different story. After starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe was injured, Brady took over, proving himself a strong leader with a powerful arm. That season Brady led the Patriots victory in Super Bowl XXXVIII over the Rams. After that Tom Brady went to 5 other Super Bowls, and won 3 of them. Tom Brady also holds many records like most wins in a season, most touchdowns, and etc. That’s why Tom Brady is the greatest player in NFL history. Tom Brady has led his to…show more content…
He holds the record of most touchdowns in the Super Bowl (13), most passes completed in the Super Bowl (164), and most yards gained in a Super Bowl (1,605 yds). That was just his records for the Super Bowl he has other records like Longest pass completion: 99 yards (tied with 12 other QB 's), Most Passing Touchdowns in one quarter (5), Most wins in a season, regular season, by a starting quarterback (16), and other great records. People call Tom Brady a cheater, but how? Deflating a ball (which he did not do) wouldn 't help him that much. Plus scientist said it was a good chance that the weather had a great effect on the air in the ball. “Spygate” was just dumb. They called it cheating because the Patriots weren 't sitting in the right area. It 's perfectly legal to watch another team practice, but since the Patriots dominate the league people cry about it. Also people say Joe Montana it the greatest of all time I laugh. Joe had one of the greatest wide receiver of all time Jerry Rice. And Jerry Rice admitted to using Stick’em glue which is against the rules. And Joe Montana never dominate the league like Tom Brady. And it was easier back then, than now because the players have gotten bigger, stronger, and more

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