Tom Brady Vs Peyton Manning Essay

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One of the longest debates in the NFL: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? Two of the most prestigious quarterbacks to ever step foot on the gridiron. Although Peyton Manning holds most of the regular season career records, winning championships are the ideal outcome of any giving season. Although the two seam neck and neck when it comes to over-all regular season winning record, winning in the postseason is what Tom Brady does best. Peyton Manning drafted number one overall in the 1998 draft seemed to be destined for greatness. Peyton has lived up to the hype, shattering career records set by many other greats before him. Peyton holds the record for most career wins, touchdowns, yards, MVP’s, and unfortunately interceptions. Adding on fourteen pro bowl appearances, five time AFC player of the year, and one super bowl MVP (Dator). Tom Brady, on the other hand, is a different story. Drafted 199th overall wasn’t even expected to make the roster for the New England Patriots. He became the starting quarterback later in his second season due to an injury to veteran quarterback Drew Bledsoe ( Although Peyton holds the regular season records, Tom…show more content…
That leads me to wonder, why compare these two? Both Tom and Peyton are the most important player for their respected franchises. Luckily for the Patriots and Colts/Broncos, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two of the most durable players in NFL history. Although Tom Brady did miss the 2008 season due to an ACL tear, prior to the injury he held a 111 consecutive start streak; that is the fifth longest streak in NFL history (Sports Illustrated). With Tom Brady holding the fifth longest streak, Peyton is not far ahead holding the second longest streak with 208 consecutive starts (Sports illustrated). Being able to hold such an impressive consecutive streak proves their durability in an incredibly barbaric league such as the
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