Tom Brady's Football Career

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om Brady According to ¨Story of Boy Named Tom Brady¨,Born August 3, 1977 SanMateo, California. San Mateo is located on the San Francisco peninsula, before Tom became the goat (Greatest Of All Time), before he married supermodels and was the center of attention in the news, Tom Brady was just "Tommy," a regular kid from the neighborhood. He collected baseball cards, many of them, and played golf with his father. He didn 't start playing football until the ninth grade, and he wasn 't good enough to start at quarterback on a team that finished 0-8 and didn 't score a touchdown.Many people in his life thought baseball was his best spor.he practically willed himself into a football career.Tom had three older sisters all of them were good at…show more content…
According to ¨Tom Brady Biography¨, Tom is one of the top quaterbacks in the NFL wasn´t always a star in football he also was a star in baseball he was recruited to play professional baseball for the Montreal Expos.He opted to accept a scholarship to play football for the University of Michigan.During his freshmen and sophmore season of college Tom warmed the bench as a back up quarterback.He wasnt happy with his playing time and was considering going to a different school.It wasn´t until his junior year that he became the starting quarterback.During his junior year Bradys stats went crazy he set several Michigan records, including the record for most attempts 350 and completions 214 in one season. He earn an All–Big Ten Conference honorable mention.In 1999 Tom leaded the team to a Citrus bowl victory.Toms senior year he had to share the quarterback postion with a freshmen.Brady had won twenty of the twenty-five games he started.Brady isn´t know for his speed he is know for his arm strength and accuracy.In 1999 and was named team co-captain the same yearof the citrus. In 2000 he became team captain.(¨Tom Brady…show more content…
According to ¨Tom Brady AMERICAN FOOTBALL PLAYER¨ In 2000 he was chosen in the sixth round of the NFL draft by New England,he work hard to get stronger. When Drew Bledsoe was injuried Tom was chossen to fill in the postion. He wasnt one for hightlights but was consistent, making simple plays and minimizing mistakes. New England went 11-3 with tom as there starting quaterback in the regular season. They upset the rams in suberbowl XXXVI. Tom of course got mvp with out him they wouldnt have became the elite team that they are now. The team had a 40-12 record over the first three season. In 2004 the Patriots returned to the Superbowl and beat the Panthers,Brady won yet another mvp reward.The next season the Patriots extended their consecutive win streak to 21.They broke the record of 18 set by the Dolphins 1972-73.In the 2007 season Brady threw 50 touchdown passes.It wasnt until 2013 that peyton manning beat toms record. Tom led the New England Patriots to a 16-0 regular season record the first 16-0 recored in NFL history. They lost the Suberbowl to the New York Giants.In 2008 the first game of the season tom went down with a knee injury and miss the whole season.He led the League in TD 36 touchdowns in one season in 2010,he also became the first player to capture the award unanimously.2011 Brady throw for 5,235 yards,and became one of two quaterbacks to pass dan marino single season passing yardage.He lead the Patriots to yet another Suberbowl lost to the New York
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