Tom Brady's Influence On American Football

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Tom Brady is arguably the best football quarterback of all time. One reason he is called the GOAT. He is also to be proven that he is the best quarterback ever because he is tied for the most wins for a Qb and he is tied with the great Joe Montana. Who was one of the best quarterback of all time. He is also to be considered the best quarterback of all time because if look from what round and number pick he was to who went before him and he had to fight for a position the entire time he took nothing lightly. If he wanted something he would not stop until he got it. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr is the best quarterback to ever play the sport of football. He was born on August 3,1977 in San Mateo, California. He first started to play football his freshman in high school. He was the backup quarterback for the freshman team. That year the team went 0-8. The following season he got the start because the freshman starter quarterback quit. After his senior year his was offered to play at a college in California and would have been the first string quarterback. Also he was offered to play at Michigan but would have to work for the starter position. He chose Michigan because he was someone who like the competition. When he arrived there were a lot of quarterbacks on the roster. He didn 't get to…show more content…
He was suspended because he was convicted guilty of deflategate. Deflategate is supposedly Tom Brady defeated or had something to do with the deflation of the football. Deflategate has been around for a couple of years but he wasn 't convicted till now. I believe he didn 't do it because science shows that when it is cold outside a ball can lose air which can explain why the balls were deflated. I also believe that the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell only did this because he doesn 't like the the patriots because they are the best team in the league. Also he did this because he doesn 't like Tom
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