Tom Brady's Influence On American Sports

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In the 80’s and 90’s the san francisco 49ers won a total of five super bowls under Joe montana and steve young. Over the span of two decades this team dominated its competition from montana to young, there seemed to be a steady rate of success through the years. This success caught the attention of a young boy by the name of Tom Brady who idolized the legendary Joe Montana and inspired him to become the quarterback he is today. But just as montana was replaced by a younger Steve Young we are faced with the same predicament in the aging Brady and the younger, fresher Garoppolo.
The season opener against the kansas city chiefs appeared to signify the end of Tom Brady’s illustrious nfl career. Pat patricia’s defense was exposed many times by the likes of the speedster Tyreek Hill and new offensive superstar in Kareem Hunt. The two combined for over 280 yards alone and forced the new england defense to break more than bend. Tom Brady himself had a disappointing game throwing 16 for 36 and 267 yards with no touchdowns having trouble moving the ball down the field as fast as the chiefs were able to do with ease.
Next week against the saints tom brady was able to dissect their
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As a twelve time pro bowler, two time league mvp, five time super bowl champion, and 4 time superbowl mvp the case is very well made for brady to be considered the greatest quarterback to ever walk the planet earth. Sadly, he is not the same player he was ten or even eight years ago, he’s getting older as I mentioned earlier and even his rival peyton manning fell off after the best statistical year of any quarterback breaking the single season passing and touchdown record. In the short span of two years peyton was out of the league simply because his body could not take the gruelling punishment he was dished out every sunday for twenty years and brady is not that far

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