Tom Brady's Role Model

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Do you want to know how the best quarterback in the NFL started? Tom was very young when he started watching football (“Tom Brady” 1). Joe Montana was Tom Brady’s role model as a kid when he grew up who knew he could be better (“Tom Brady” 1). Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California(“Tom Brady” 1). The youngest child, and only son, Tom and Galynn Brady(“Tom Brady” 1). At a very young age, he sated to like football Tom stated “The Niners were my team.”(“Tom Brady” 1) He was a big fan of the 49er’s quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young (“Tom Brady” 1). First, he had to go play football to complete his dream. Tom went to and All-Boy Catholic (“Tom Brady” 1). He studied his position as quarterback with a personal coach on his approach and form (Doeden 10). Over his first two seasons as the varsity Quarterback he completed 219 passes for 3,514 yards…show more content…
In the year 1995 he got accepted into the University of Michigan (Doeden 14). In 1998 Brady’s junior year he earned starting quarterback (“Tom Brady” 2). He was an Academic All-big Ten pick also had a 3.3 grade point average (“Tom Brady” 2). He set most of the University of Michigan records (“Tom Brady” 2). He led the Wolverines to victory at the Citrus Bowl (“Tom Brady” 2). In the year of 2000 the University of Michigan went to the Orange bowl to play the University of Alabama (“Tom Brady” 2). His third step to complete his dream was to get into the NFL. In the 2000 NFL draft pick Tom Brady was the 199th pick to the New England Patriots (“Tom Brady” 2). On September 23, 2001, during the second game of the season the starting quarterback got hurt, so they put Tom Brady to starting but the Patriots ended up losing that game (“Tom Brady” 2). He won his first Super Bowl in the year 2002 against the St. Louis Rams (Doeden 47). In Tom Brady’s own word he said “You got to prepare each week like you’re going to start.” (Doeden
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