Tom Brady's Roles In The NFL

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Tom Brady The idea of a great quarterback gets thrown around a great deal these days. The National Football League, also known as the NFL, is a professional football organization that Tom Brady represents. When Tom Brady started his career, he was drafted in the sixth round at the 199th spot in the NFL draft by the New England Patriots. Even though Brady fell in the draft, he was very determined to prove himself as a player and to the Patriots organization. There were six quarterbacks picked before Brady, but he is now the only one left standing in the NFL today. The definition of a great quarterback is someone who has the determination to win, accuracy with a football, and goal oriented with their coach, which are three main components Tom Brady has. Tom Brady has the highest winning percentage out of all of the quarterbacks in the NFL; furthermore, he has the second most wins overall at 194 wins (“Quarterback Win/Loss..”). Brady has almost forty comeback victories and is second overall on forth quarter comebacks (“Tom Brady’s Career..”). A large aspect of winning football games in the NFL is being able to make a crucial play when the game hangs in the balance; this is when Brady truly shines. If the Patriots find themselves behind in the fourth quarter, Brady always gives his team a chance to win; no matter what circumstances come his way, he will always find a way to win the game for his team. One of the many great things that Tom Brady does during a game is throwing the football…show more content…
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