Tom Brennan Persuasive Speech

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Sam: Good morning Declan and viewers. Today we will be discussing and comparing the ‘true blue’ Aussie novel; The Story of Tom Brennan by J.C. Burke and the classic low-budget Australian film 48 Shades by Daniel Lapaine.

Declan: That’s right, we will be comparing and contrasting the narrative and characterisation components of these portrayals of growing up in Australia and on that note, what was your experience of growing up in Australia Sam?

Sam: I wouldn’t say my experience growing up in Australia was all that elaborate. I lived in a suburban context in the shadow of a large city. Similar to Dan Bancroft (48 Shades Protagonist). I went through primary school, made friends, played sport and the rest, the typical lifestyle of a kid my age. Life back then was worry free; I can definitely relate to Tom Brennan when he describes his juvenile self as a “happy, free, no fuss type of bloke” (P.76). As I transitioned into high-school it was much the same process, making friends, continuing sport and getting on with work. However, in saying that, high school was vastly different to my primary schooling and I was forced to face challenges that I didn’t foresee. I’m assuming this was relatively similar for you?

Declan: Yeah, I guess
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Many teenagers today will be faced with challenges like the introduction of high school or drastic changes in lifestyles like that seen in The Story of Tom Brennan and 48 Shades. Tom’s experience of growing up in Australia resonated the strongest with me as I found I could relate to his way of life. Also, Tom’s successful transition gave valuable insight into ways to overcome challenges and proved that from them you can only become stronger. Tom Brennan is an example which teenagers can learn from, in that no matter what situation you may face, through the help of family and friends these challenges can be
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