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At the premiere of his new movie, on September 3rd, Legend, a movie where Hardy plays twin gangsters Ronald & Reginald Kray, Tom Hardy brought his dog, with him on the blue carpet, and a lot of people have been calling it adorable. His dog, named Woody, a yellow lab mix, ran around the place wherever he wanted to, he kissed Tom 's co-star in Legend; Emily Browning 's face, and playfully chased a pigeon, and posed with Tom in pictures, there was even a picture of the dog with some members of the cast of the movie. Woody was a hit, making everyone try to get his attention. When Tom took pictures with fans, Woody was right there with him. Tom snuggled, hugged, and stroked the second most important figure in his life, Woody. Tom rescued the formerly homeless dog a few years ago now. Something that, for some, would seem unusual, or even eccentric, but Tom used to bring a dog to his acting classes in the late 90s; so he 's not new to bringing his dog to events. This was fun for everyone, especially his fans on tumblr; they posted a lot of pictures of him with the very photogenic pooch. Not to mention the people at the premiere who got to interact with such a wonderful dog.…show more content…
Woody has been called Tom Hardy in dog form. Woody seems to be a very well behaved and trained dog, while posing in pictures, and showing off his great people skills. His full name Woodstock, he has been with Tom since 2011 when he was found by the side of the road, while Tom was filming Lawless. He stole the show from the 37-year-old Tom, who also had his newly pregnant wife, Charlotte Riley, with

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