Tom Robinson Inhumane In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Recently, a negro named Tom Robinson has been jailed for supposedly raping a white woman, whose name is Mayella Violet Ewell.
This is certainly biased since the family of Mayella did not provide any fact or evidence, rather only one witness who could have easily lied. Therefore, Tom Robinson could have been falsely accused of doing something a man like himself wouldn’t do.

There are several reasons that suggest that Tom Robinson is innocent. Everything in court is an assumption. No evidences were presented to support the highly exaggerated claim of the Ewells. There were heavy bruises along the right side of Mayella’s face. But it’s impossible for Tom Robinson to have made that mark since his left arm have been crippled and paralyzed during
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The Blacks and Whites are both people created by God(Not part of the editorial : I don’t really think that, but for the sake of this editorial. Writing as Reverend Skyes who is a pastor). We should both be equal, which is what we fought for about 300 years ago in the American Revolution. Negroes helped fought against the British for our independent and equality. Without the thousands of negroes who volunteered to fight for America’s cause, we would not be here. Because of this, both negroes and whites should have as much ownership or rights as one another. Obviously, we have fail since no equality is obtained in America.

Negroes should not be looked down upon simply for the color of his or her skin. Black or white, we are people with two arms and two legs. We all have red blood, emotions, feeling, aspiration, and goals. Negroes do not choose to be black, they were born this way. Negroes with talents the world needed to see are kept captive by racism. Racism is a system of which one race see themselves as more superior than another race. In what universe does skin color make someone superior than another? If you truly believed that, then you are the true
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